The Dolomites are the ideal destination for those who, in the summer, are seeking a respite from the scorching heat of the cities, and in winter can’t resist the charm of high mountains. The clean air, the magnificence of the landscapes, pleasant temperatures in the summer months, and the beauty of winter sports when the climate becomes more rigorous: Trentino, and the Dolomites, are all this and much more.

Universally recognized as some of the most beautiful peaks in the world, the Dolomites have been a UNESCO heritage site as an atural heritage of humanity since 2009.

Dolomites in summer: what to do

In addition to enjoying the cool mountain air, the warm season is perfect for mountain biking and climbing enthusiasts – who can choose to train in one of the many sports centers in the area before embarking on actual climbs. Not just for athletes, summer is also suitable for practices such as forest bathing or kneipp thermal paths.

Dolomites in winter: what to do

The ideal season for all those who love snow sports, on the Dolomites you can find slopes suitable for every level and discipline, from cross-country skiing to snowboarding. Not just for athletes, winter is also a great time for those who love to enjoy untouched nature and explore fairy-tale landscapes wrapped in a pristine snowy blanket: snowshoeing, excursions, or nordic walking.